By: 6 August 2020
MicroPort and Osso VR partner, bringing VR-based training to hip and knee surgery systems

Osso VR, a validated Virtual Reality (VR) surgical training platform, recently announced the launch of a VR training module for MicroPort Orthopedics’ SuperPATH® Hip Technique and Evolution® Medial-Pivot Knee System.

This training scenario allows surgeons to experience the unique SuperPath method of total hip replacement and the Evolution Medial-Pivot total knee replacement, which has been used in more than 600,000 cases worldwide. With the VR curriculum, surgeons can train and assess themselves on the intuitive workflow of the procedure at their own pace, allowing them to rapidly become proficient in these high value techniques.

Osso VR’s scientifically validated training platform is designed for surgeons, sales teams and other trainees to address new techniques and increase confidence through learning for new medical devices. The technology provides realistic, haptic-enhanced interactions in an immersive training environment. The company’s surgical training technology provides on-demand, cinematic quality educational experiences that are effective, repeatable, and measurable to help surgeons reach proficiency in cutting edge procedures.

“We’re committed to improving outcomes for patients through democratised access to high value systems like SuperPath and Evolution. This partnership with MicroPort Orthopedics increases access to a wider library of surgical techniques while also supporting controlled, high quality outcomes for patients,” said Justin Barad, Co-Founder and CEO of Osso VR. “As we face unprecedented challenges in the “new normal” in the COVID era, remote VR training and assessment has proven to be a critical tool in ensuring healthcare professionals continue to have safe access to the highest value techniques for their patients.”

MicroPort Orthopedics offers an array of products and techniques to help patients receiving total hip and knee replacements achieve full function, faster.

“Many of my patients are on their feet within hours of their hip surgery,” said Jimmy Chow, a Hip & Knee Specialist in Phoenix, Ariz. “The doctors who refer them are amazed, and so are the physical therapists.”

“In cases where MicroPort’s Evolution Medial-Pivot Knee System is used, I’ve found that patients return of range of motion is much faster, and vastly improved,” said Joseph Assini, at Swedish Medical Center in Englewood, Colo. “They’re out of the hospital sooner, their pain is managed and they are able to get back to the activities they enjoy at a much faster rate.”

“MicroPort’s partnership with an advanced learning tool like Osso VR puts them at the forefront of medical education and learning,” said Alexander Sah, at Washington Outpatient Surgery Center in Fremont, Calif. “Surgeons and staff can now learn, and even experience, the Evolution Medial-Pivot total knee system at their convenience.”

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