By: 24 June 2021
ODEP gives long-term 15-year rating to MicroPort’s knee system
MicroPort Orthopedics has received a “15A” rating for its Advance® Medial-Pivot knee system from the Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel (ODEP).
Fifteen years is the longest benchmark that ODEP assigns ratings for knee implants, providing further evidence of the long clinical heritage of the Advance® Medial-Pivot knee system. ODEP was established in 2002, and provides an independent review of clinical data to assign ratings and share information about the success of arthroplasty implants.

MicroPort Orthopedics’ medial-pivot knee systems stand on more than 20 years of clinically demonstrated history with a complete portfolio of medial-pivot design knees. The Advance® Medial-Pivot knee system was built on the latest kinematic evidence of the natural stability and motion of the knee.[1] Its innovative design is carried on by MicroPort’s latest medial-pivot knee, the Evolution® Medial-Pivot knee system, which also aims to restore function by replicating natural motion and stability, and to address some of the common problems seen with traditional designs, such as anterior knee pain and quadriceps avoidance.


The design and successful clinical heritage of MicroPort Orthopedics’ medial-pivot knee systems sets them apart from the competition. A legacy of 98.8 percent survivorship over 17 years and 95 percent patient satisfaction supports its ability to restore stability and normal kinematics. This helps surgeons achieve favourable, reproducible, and long-lasting outcomes for their patients. [2-5]
“It’s our goal at MicroPort to develop innovative products and procedures that help providers improve patient outcomes, facilitate fast recovery and a return to normal life activities,” says Irina Timmerman, the Vice President of Regulatory and Clinical Affairs at MicroPort Orthopedics. “This rating from ODEP further validates MicroPort’s medial-pivot knee systems’ ability to produce consistent and long-lasting results.”
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