By: 31 January 2022
23 March 2022, Implants 2022; Chicago

To celebrate the 17th anniversary of the International Implants Conference, Ali Madani, Founder and Managing Partner at Avicenne, hereby invites his audience to Chicago during the AAOS Annual Meeting.

He will deliver a 2-hour tutorial on the outlook for the orthopaedic market, and the strategic challenges of the contract manufacturing market. After conferences in Las Vegas, Paris, Orlando, the major players of the global orthopaedic industry will meet in Chicago, on March 23, 2022 for the Ali Madani conference.

Numerous figures relating on the state of the global orthopaedic market and the contract manufacturing market as well as the strategies of the players will be dissected to better understand the prospects and challenges ahead.

These major questions will be addressed and debated:

  • What are the latest trends and major changes in the orthopaedic and spine industries?
  • How has Covid impacted this industry and when will the players return to their usual growth patterns?
  • Subcontracting and supply chain: how can collaboration between orthopaedic companies and their subcontractors drive innovation?
  • Analysis and impact of 3D printing, robotics, navigation, etc. How can the considerable increase in regulatory and quality aspects, especially with MDR, be shared and mutually managed by orthopaedic companies and their subcontractors?
  • Is Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing a good option… for subcontractors?
  • How robotic assisted surgery and navigation can change the nature of the industry with new know-how and technologies.
  • How will giant new entrants like Jabil and Heraeus impact the orthopaedic contract manufacturing market and relationships?

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