By: 5 October 2022
Scoliosis Research Society announces first female president in the society’s history

The Scoliosis Research Society spans a nearly 60-year history of research, advocacy, education, and innovation in the field of spinal research and surgery. But this year marked yet another milestone in one of the oldest and most influential spinal societies in the world – the first woman president.

On Saturday, September 17, at the society’s 57th Annual Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, Dr. Serena Hu accepted her role as president.

It is my goal, my honor and my duty to carry on the good work begun by our past presidents,” said Dr. Hu. “I remember as a resident seeing how valued this society has been to its members and the patients we serve, and how important it was to me to contribute in ways so that I might be selected to be a member.”

Dr. Hu steps into a leadership role on a board filled with prestigious members, spanning the globe from Europe, Asia, Canada and South America.

Read the full press release on our website. And listen to the latest episode of Scoliosis Dialogues: An SRS Podcast, Episode 46, an interview with SRS President, 2022-23.

At this same meeting, the society announced the winners of the Russell A. Hibbs, John H. Moe & Louis A. Goldstein Awards. Named after pioneers in scoliosis surgery, the awards are given to the best basic research and best clinical research papers. For the first time in the program history, three of the four winning papers are authored by women.

Russell A. Hibbs Best Basic Research Paper award: Variants In Collagen Homeostasis Genes Are Associated With Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis | Carol A. Wise, PhD. Read the abstract for more details.

Russell A. Hibbs Best Clinical Research Paper award: Curve Progression And Health Related Quality Of Life (Hrqol) In Idiopathic Scoliosis: 40-Year Follow-Up From Diagnosis | Benny T. Dahl, DMSc.  Review the abstract in our Final Program.

John H. Moe Best Basic Research Poster award: Transforming Electronic Health Records (Ehr) Of Scoliosis Patients Into Clinical Registries Using Natural Language Processing (Nlp) And Computer Vision Methods | A. Noelle Larson, MD. Read more in our Final Program.

Louis a. Goldstein Best Clinical Research Poster award: Pre-Operative Carbohydrate Drink For Early Recovery In Pediatric Spine Fusion: Randomized Control Trial | Jennifer M. Bauer, MD. Read more in our Final Program.

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