S-MART™ - Innovative Exsanguinating Tourniquet

The use of tourniquets in orthopaedic surgery is applicable across a variety of limb surgery from total knee replacement, knee arthroscopy and foot and ankle surgery, to shorter duration upper limb surgery such as carpel tunnel releases. The S-MART provides an innovative, single use and sterile solution that allows the surgeon to exsanguinate, occlude arterial flow through tourniquet and apply a sterile stockinette, in one simple movement, with one piece of equipment.

Initial exsanguination has traditionally taken place using an Esmarch bandage or Reece-Davis exsanguinating techniques. This is followed by the occlusion of arterial flow which is achieved using a pressure cuff tourniquet. After pressure cuff application, a stockinette is applied to the limb to protect the surgical site. However, by using the S-MART 3 in 1 method, it is possible to save theatre preparation time and reduce the duration of tourniquet pressure. Such a time saving could allow for additional surgery to take place on a list, particularly when the surgical duration is short.

The S-MART, which comes in a variety of sizes to suit the patients size and arterial blood pressure, is simply rolled onto the limb using special pull straps, thereby achieving instant exsanguination. There is also the added advantage of the device being single use and sterile, which may help in the fight against potential cross infection risk from the re-use of pressure cuff equipment.

The S-MART is now available in the UK through Summit Medical Ltd.