By: 1 January 2007

Surgilig is a synthetic ligament used in acromio-clavicular reconstruction to replace the ligament and recreate the anatomy. It is made of double braided polyester with a patented weave design which acts as a scaffold encouraging tissue in-growth.

The unique Surgilig implant offers a quick and simple procedure to address; acromio-clavicular dislocation, Rockwood Type III, IV or V acromio-clavicular joint injuries, lateral clavicle fractures and failures of previous stabilisation procedures; such as a failed Weaver Dunn operation.

The Surgilig is looped around the coracoid, and then passed behind the clavicle where it is secured with a 3.5mm cortical screw and washer. The Surgilig implant has one hard loop for screw fixation and one soft loop which surrounds the coracoid. The soft loop minimises any potential wear of the coracoid process which can lead to fracture of the bone.

Features of the Surgilig Implant:

  • Synthetic polyester
  • Biocompatible
  • Designed to encourage tissue in-growth
  • Strong Construct
  • Allows natural rotation and movement of clavicle
  • Quick patient recovery
  • Size range to fit all patient anatomy
  • Surgilig implant sizes 5cm – 20cm
  • Most common sizes 11cm and 12cm
  • Minimal instrumentation
  • 2 instruments required for entire procedure
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Reproducible surgical technique for surgeon and theatre staff