Corin Rotaglide Knee System

The Rotaglide+ Total Knee systems retains the proven features of the Rotaglide Knee, which has been in clinical use since 1988, whilst enhancements offer the unique option of using either mobile or fixed bearings with common tibial and femoral components, and also provide modular stem extensions for greater flexibility.

Because the femoro-meniscal articulations are highly congruent, a high contact area is retained throughout the range of flexion, reducing wear and potential loosening. In the mobile version, the combination of antero-posterior translation and rotation of the meniscal insert allows medial pivoting of the knee and replication of natural lateral roll-back. It also allows for natural tibial rotation during flexion and extension without compromising the bearing contact area, and forces to the implant/bone interface are reduced. Combined, these features promise a return to near normal levels of function for younger patients, in the confidence that their Rotaglide+ implant will withstand the rigors of a normal lifestyle.

The Rotaglide+ Total Knee system offers the surgeon complete flexibility in matching a proven knee replacement to the specific needs of individual patients. Using common femoral and tibial components, as well as instrumentation, either a mobile or fixed meniscus can be selected an exclusive and patented feature of the Rotaglide+ system.

Because of the unique design geometry of the Rotaglide+ components, femoral and tibial sizes are fully interchangeable providing the freedom to select the optimum prosthesis to fit the patient.

Advanced instrumentation to provide operative selection for all surgeon requirements, can now be achieved with the new surgical X-Act Rotaglide Instrumentation available.

Proven features Rotaglide Knee are retained, whilst enhancements allow modular stem extensions to be used, increasing flexibility in difficult primary or revision arthroplasties. Porous titanium and Bi-coated (hydroxyapatite and porous titanium) femoral and tibial components are available to meet surgeon choice, allowing Rotaglide+ to be used for cementless and cemented applications.