By: 1 November 2007

What is Viscoseal?
Viscoseal has been developed to relieve post-arthroscopic symptoms such as pain, swelling and impaired joint mobility as well as to promote joint recovery. It contains a highly purified specific fraction of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) produced by fermentation and is devoid of animal protein. Instilled into the joint immediately after surgery via a portal, Viscoseal acts as a temporary substitute for the synovial fluid (SF) that has been lost during arthroscopy, performing the lubricating, shock absorbing and filtering functions of this fluid. In addition, it displaces any irrigating solution left in the joint space, preventing impairment of cartilage metabolism.

What does it do?
The introduction of Viscoseal into the joint space re-establishes the protective coating of Hyaluronan over the surface of the articular cartilage and synovial membrane. By replacing the superficial layer of viscous Hyaluronan on the intima of the synovium, potential innervation of pain receptors is reduced. This reduction in pain helps to enhance joint mobility, which in turn promotes the production of endogenous Hyaluronan and potentiates rehabilitation.

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