The Finsbury ADEPT Extra Fixation Cup was developed for patients with a severe supero-lateral acetabular deficiency. Surgeons can now use this Extra Fixation Cup on patients with dyplastic hips knowing it gives secure fixation for patient mobility.

The ADEPT Extra Fixation Cup was developed by Finsbury in collaboration with Mr J. OHara FRCS, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Birmingham Royal Orthopaedic Hospital. The cup has a unique flange with two discrete pairs of screw holes for left or right hip fixation and offers six sizes ranging from 46mm to 66mm in 4mm increments. The fixing screw lengths range from 16mm to 88mm in 4mm increments.

The cup adds a new dimension to the ADEPT MoM hip system and greatly assists the surgeon to achieve correct cup orientation when faced with an abnormal pelvic anatomy.

Mike Tuke, co-founder and Managing Director of Finsbury, says: The ADEPT Hip System gives surgeons and patients greater flexibility. This extra fixation cup was created to overcome the problem often faced by surgeons working on less than ideal bone structures. The ADEPT bearing system can be used in conjunction with the Finsbury Type C, Finsbury Type S and ADEPT stems. Patient welfare and mobility is at the heart of all that we do.