The Synthes 2.4mm and 3.0mm Headless Compression Screw systems offer a fully controllable technique of both insertion depth and inter-fragmentary compression.

A new and novel method of creating a lag effect and holding compression by screw and instrument design has been incorporated in this unique system.

The cannulated screws are designed with a consistent pitch between screw shaft and head thread, the interwoven double pitch of the head providing superior hold in cortical bone.

Insertion instrumentation shields the thread of the head enabling the creation of a lag effect. Compression is fully controlled by the action of the insertion instrument against bone surface, prior to progression of the screw from insertion instrument into bone. Compression is maintained during insertion as a result of a consistent thread pitch. Headless Compression Screws provide full control of insertion depth whilst maintaining compression. Stainless Steel or Titanium options are available.