The Synthes LCP Elbow system incorporates anatomical Distal Humeral dorso-lateral, and medial plates along with Olecranon plates to offer a comprehensive inventory and versatile range of options for fixation needs around the elbow.

The modular design contains plates of length 3 to 14 holes. Plate shafts contain combi-hole technology, for use with locking or non-locking 3.5mm screws. Elongated combi-holes enable optimised plate positioning and compression capability. Plates are provided to suit left and right anatomy and are additionally capable of being manual contoured when needed.

Humeral plate options have a 2.4mm locking hole design distally for optimal fixation and stability. Anatomically angled locking screw holes in the distal region provides optimal use of available bone stock for superior fixation.

Instrumentation includes a Positioning and Compression Device to assist in optimal plate positioning and screw length optimisation.

Stainless Steel or Titanium options are available.