By: 1 September 2009

Logic® Hemi-Arthroplasty

The Logic Hemi-Arthroplasty is a cemented implant based upon the principles of a polished, collarless, double taper design. With a proven clinical history (giving Merle DAubigne hip scores at 5 years excellent in 8/21, good in 11/21 and satisfactory in 2/211) the Logic Hemi-arthroplasty is an adept and cost effective solution for treating fractured neck of femur.

The Logic is available in monobloc and modular designs, and both are available with different sizes/offsets to more accurately restore patient biomechanics. The Logic modular stem may also be converted to THR at a later date.

With its contemporary stem design and dedicated instrumentation, the Logic provides junior surgical staff with training that is complementary to their professional development in arthroplasty.

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