The Synthes Electric Pen Drive and Air Pen Drive are modular, easy to use and highly functional power tool systems for Trauma, Cranio-maxillofacial, Spinal and Neurosurgical applications.

The pen style ergonomic hand pieces are controlled electronically via console or air feed, allowing precise and flexible working. The systems feature speed range selection and are extremely smooth working. Air and Electrically driven high power systems are available with running speed of up to 60,000rpm, an additional 90,000rpm electrically driven system is available to optimally support different applications.

Hand switch or foot peddle control are available, systems are cooled during use by the console or air flow.

A comprehensive range of specialised attachments and cutting tools are available to support wide ranging applications. Coupling design provides a secure grip providing excellent torque transmission. The anti-drip cooling system is easy and rapidly attached as required.