By: 1 December 2009

The Oxford Cobbometer (X-Angle) was designed by the Oxford Orthopaedic Engineering Centre in response to the need for a robust, quick and effective method of measuring the Cobb angle from x-rays of scoliosis patients.

The device can be used to measure any angle on a vertical plain, whether as an x-ray, printed paper or on screen. With a completely transparent design, magnification measure, a ruler, and head diameter measure, the X-Angle is the perfect pocket aid for everyone who needs to analyse orthopaedic x-rays quickly and efficiently.

The X-Angle fits easily into a pocket, is robust enough to resist wear and tear in the average orthopaedic and radiology department, and has been tested by hundreds of surgeons worldwide. It also has the benefit of allowing swift, reproducible measurement of angles without marking or defacing the x-ray films.

During an independent study undertaken on measuring fracture kyphosis using the Oxford Cobbometer (X-Angle) versus other techniques, it was concluded that using the Oxford Cobbometer to measure fracture kyphosis has higher reliability than the standard Cobb angle technique. It is quick and easy to use in a clinical setting. (Measurement of Fracture Kyphosis with the Oxford Cobbometer, Edward H Seel BM, et al, Spine Journal April 2005)

The device is affordable, reliable and long lasting and can be obtained from Original Orthopaedics.