By: 1 September 2010

Aahi Inquire, Hip, Knee …Manager©

Aahi Inquire, Hip, Knee,Manager is a new orthopedic software system. It:

  • is a computerized library of past hip patients and the performed surgeries. It allows the viewing of past cases including preoperative and postoperative pictures. It also details the type of surgery performed.
  • has orthopaedic measurements options in a user defined sequence.
  • is a preoperative orthopaedic surgery planning system with templates in digital `x-rays.
  • allows cases research helping surgeons for a more accurate decision.
  • shows Wait times for surgery, which are commonly used as indicators of the efficiency of the health system.
  • eliminates the need for unnecessary or duplicate tests and treatments.
  • helps physicians and hospital, no longer having to spend time looking for paperwork.

The database could be populate with information regarding patient, surgeon, hospital, unit, nurse, register, clerk, coordinator, doctor, clinic, implants, extractors, devices, instruments, maker, vendor and uses the drilldown system to access this functions from main data entry. All pertinent entry will help to search and group similar cases for research and better decision purpose.

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