By: 1 September 2010

Orthoclot – Absorbable Polysaccharide Surgical Haemostat

OrthoClot Polysaccharide Haemostatic System Administrator (PHS) is a natural plant-based haemostatic system composed of Absorbable Modified Polymer (AMP). OrthoClot is intended as an absorbable haemostatic system to control bleeding during orthopaedic surgery including Spinal Surgery, Bone Tumour Resection, and Complete Knee Replacement Surgery etc.

Total AMP absorption occurs rapidly within several days and is dependent on the amount of material applied and the site of use. AMP particles are degraded by histamines, including amylase and glucoamylase in the human body.

The OrthoClot product is delivered to the sterile field in a double barrier, sterile pouch. The AMP particles are then delivered to the surgical site with a Standard (100mm or 200mm) polypropylene applicator which requires no mixing or preparation whatsoever.

OrthoClot PHS is CE marked and registered in major international markets. OrthoClot is non-pyrogenic and latex-free.

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