By: 1 September 2010

The EPM MUELLER® Acetabular Reamer

The EPM MUELLER Acetabular Reamer, is a new reamer generation which, contrary to traditional reamers offers unique standards of precision and accuracy. The unique blade geometry, use the same principle as an airplane propeller. The EPM MUELLER Acetabular Reamer St/MIS:

  • offers fast, smooth cutting with minimum chatter
  • provides precision and accuracy
  • offers selfcentring cutting
  • ensures an exact fit every time for maximum cup/tissue interface
  • develops minimal torque, with the new EPM MUELLER Low Torque R reamer version.

Since 2004, the reamers are in daily clinical use. Surgeons comment was: The reamed surface was extremely precise and smooth, achieving a reamed space that was, in effect, exactly matching the reamer size.

In Clinic Garmisch-Partenkirchen one set of these reamers was used in over 400 hip replacement surgeries (2004-2006). FEM Studies (1999-2002) of cup stability conclude that the highest stability was shown where the discrepancy was 0.25mm. More or less led to instability and increase the potential for wear particles between cup and bone.

Recent studies (2009) suggest that pelvic underreaming where thin shells are employed may be contributory to early damage/disassociation of modular, acetabular components. Conclusion: an accurate ca