On June 1st – 4th this year, Copenhagen will host the 12th EFORT Annual Congress with the assistance of the Danish Orthopaedic Association.

In keeping with previous EFORT conventions, the scientific programme will be focused mainly on Symposia and Instructional Lectures given by distinguished speakers from all over Europe.

The meeting's programme will feature special sessions including Experts meet Experts (ExMEx) or the Controversial Case Discussions (CCD), in association with EFORT's Specialty Societies, such as the International Osteoporosis Foundation, the European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy, the European Orthopaedic Research Society and many more. Together they will provide much needed specialised insight into these assemblies.

In addition, the congress will feature E-posters, workshops, Industry Symposia and technical exhibits that will cover the full spectrum of orthopaedics, as well as an emphasis on trauma.

In sharing important scientific discoveries and experiences, EFORT will once again attempt to define the future of orthopaedics. Here OPN will feature just a small sample of the assemblies on offer, together with a brief programme. We hope you enjoy the event.A full-day comprehensive review course (CRC)

A full-day comprehensive review course (CRC)
This CRC format was first time presented during the 10th EFORT Congress in Vienna 2009 and judging by attendance and comments from participants this course was a resounding success! It aims to teach the knowledge that is needed for every specialist and broadens the participant's orthopaedic horizon. This course provides up-to-date presentations in:

  • Paediatrics
  • Spine
  • Reconstruction
  • Trauma

Attending this comprehensive full-day review course will provide the necessary knowledge base to prepare for the European Board examination (EBOT).

“Experts meet Experts” (ExMEx) sessions
This format is a comprehensive review of specific surgical techniques, and may include a live surgery or a case discussions submitted by the audience. A critical review of the individual presentations will take place. There will be ample opportunity for each attendee to speak directly with the presenters. Active involvement on the part of attendees will maximise the benefits of this unique encounter between faculty members and experienced participants. The programme for each session is produced in cooperation with the appropriate European Society. There will be one ExMEx session each day:

  • Complicated primaries and revisions in THA
  • Joint arthroplasty in foot and ankle (excluding TAR)
  • New developments in the treatment of cartilage lesions in the knee – with live surgery!
  • Forearm, wrist and hand - fracture treatment in children

Nurse Day Programme
This format is a comprehensive day course structured in theoretical sessions (Symposia, Free Paper Presentations) and technical workshops were attendees rotate and gain different views and perspectives of the daily practice of an orthopaedic and Trauma nurse. Active involvement on the part of attendees will maximise the benefits of this unique encounter between experienced faculty members, industry representatives and participants.
Plenary sessions

  • Cellular therapy - PRP in bone healing
  • The use of registries in clinical practise to improve treatments
  • Fast track treatment and rehabilitation in orthopaedic surgery

Difficult case presentations
Five sessions on following topics:

  • Foot and ankle (prosthesis)
  • Shoulder cases (fractures, prosthesis)
  • Sports Injuries in the knee (ligament, chondral lesions, osteotomies)
  • Hip revision surgery and complications in resurfacing hip arthroplasty
  • Trauma (fractures, non-union, deformities mm)

4-6 complex cases will be discussed in each session. Duration: 90-120 minutes

  1. 10-minute presentation by the author
  2. 10-12 minutes discussion among panel members, with audience input.

EFORT's Scientific Programme can be viewed at www.efort.org/copenhagen2011/programme