Artelon® Tissue Reinforcement (“ATR”) is used for reinforcement of soft tissues that are repaired by sutures or suture anchors, during tendon repair surgery including reinforcement of Achilles, rotator cuff, patellar, biceps and quadriceps. ATR is also used in general surgical procedures for reinforcement of soft tissue where weakness exists.

ATR reinforces soft tissue and provides a degradable scaffold that is incorporated into the patient’s own tissue. The implant degrades slowly and maintains its strength and elasticity over several years providing long term support of the soft tissue.


  • Support for soft tissue throughout the entire healing process, the Artelon® Tissue Reinforcement have approximately 50% of initial tensile strength after 4 years
  • Host tissue infiltration and integration with surrounding tissue
  • Proven biocompatibility – synthetic and safe
  • Excellent suture retention strength and easy to cut and handle