By: 3 May 2012

Mediracer®NCS is a device for performing the neurodiagnostic testing for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

With the Mediracer®NCS system, diagnosing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is made easy. The test is performed using only disposable surface electrodes and the results can be used to determine whether the finding is abnormal and to grade its severity.

Mediracer®NCS has an integrated feature which allows the user to send the patients examination data to a consultant neurophysiologist and receive a report back within hours.

We have over 50 established users in the UK. Why not streamline your NHS clinics services and get your nerve conduction studies completed immediately, saving time and money?

Mediracer®NCS can be used in private practice and can facilitate the initiation of treatment at the patients first consultation, without the need to send the patient for full nerve conduction tests.

For further information please contact us and we will be happy to arrange a demonstration.