Medical equipment supplier Xograph Healthcare has won a contract to supply three new Xograph BuckyStar T2 Precision direct digital general radiography systems to the new Emergency Care Centre at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

This forms part of a larger contract which also includes the supply of two MobileDaRt Evolution direct digital mobile x-ray units, each equipped with a CXDI-70C Wireless flat panel detector and the relocation and future digital upgrade of two legacy general radiographic systems into the new centre.

The BuckyStar T2 Precision is a fifth generation fully motorised auto-positioning radiographic system designed for general and trauma radiographic applications and the fully motorised x-ray tube support also has the ability to be used in a manual mode if required. Simply selecting the required anatomical program on the touch-screen user interface sets up all exposure, positioning and collimator selections allowing the user to focus on their patient.

Blair Ashcroft, A&E Superintendent at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, said: “This state-of-the-art system from Xograph will fit nicely into our new Emergency Care Centre. We can’t wait to start using it and exploring the many benefits the unit has to offer.”