By: 4 October 2013

Merchant Healthcare Marketing conducted the UK’s first live tweets during orthopaedic procedures for Spire Bushey Hospital, including an operation using the video app Vine. Holly Broadway reveals more.


OPN: What gave the inspiration for Spire Bushey to live tweet a surgery, and why do it?

The live tweets were developed to give Spire Bushey’s Twitter followers an educational experience, and allow the patient’s family to follow the procedure as it happens. As well as the general public, followers have included medical students and healthcare professionals, who have enjoyed the opportunity of following procedures they may not normally have had the opportunity to watch, such as a Visionaire knee replacement conducted by Mr Tim Waters and a periacetabular osteotomy undertaken by Mr Aresh Hashemi-Nejad. The tweets have made complex surgical procedures simple for anyone to understand and follow…


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Matt Ng, Assistant Editor of Orthopaedic Product News.