HCA HealthcareLondon Bridge Hospital’s satellite centre is proud to introduce its new Siemens 3 Tesla (3T) Magnetom Skyra Scanner, providing patients with the highest quality scans.

The 3T MRI delineates small structures that cannot be seen at lower resolutions. It also has an increased Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), which can be used to improve image quality or decrease scan time. The 3T scanner includes new movement correction sequences ensuring high quality imaging, even for patients who struggle to remain still.

The 3T’s improved fat suppression techniques are especially beneficial for musculoskeletal studies, while its improved visualisation of cartilage enables imaging specialists to map the water content within cartilage, facilitating early detection of cartilage degeneration.

Mr Ian McDermott, Specialist Knee Surgeon at London Sports Orthopaedics said, “Our new 3T scanner gives the best quality pictures with the finest resolution that I have ever seen. The value of an MRI scan depends hugely on the resolution of the actual images, and particularly in knee joints it is vital to get fine and accurate pictures of structures such as the articular cartilage, which is only millimetres thick.”

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