By: 18 October 2013

XographCTImgLeading independent medical equipment supplier Xograph Healthcare have generated much excitement with their first Verity Extremity CT Roadshow which took place at Peninsula Radiology Academy, Plymouth, UK.

The Verity displayed some of its impressive features such as ‘plug and play’ mobility, very high image quality, ultra-low dose and the ability to demonstrate normally hard-to-visualise fractures.

The Verity is designed to serve the needs of radiologists, orthopaedic surgeons and extremity specialists alike, for imaging the upper and lower limbs in the seated, recumbent and standing position (for weight-bearing examinations). Its mobile configuration allows CT close to the point of care.

Dr Abdul Gafoor, Consultant Radiologist (Musculoskeletal) at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust attended the roadshow and said of the Verity: “It was an impressive piece of equipment. I particularly liked the size of the scanner, its mobility and ease of use especially for the patients undergoing elbow CT. Another solid use would be stress CT for the foot and ankle, and the ease with which it can be achieved.”