By: 19 December 2013

ORUK Book Cover1

Orthopaedic Basic Science for Postgraduate Examination is published and drawn from courses run by Orthopaedic Research UK, which is a charity dedicated to advancing orthopaedic knowledge.

This book is essential reading for all surgeons approaching the FRCS examination in Orthopaedics and Trauma or any other similar postgraduate degree such as the European Board. The authors have recent FRCS experience which makes the book very relevant. It is also very useful to the practising orthopaedic surgeon.

The book is straightforward, easy to read, and keeps the reader always wanting to read more.

With more than 500 Multiple Choice (Single Best Answer) and Extended Matching Questions are similar, or possibly slightly higher than, to the FRCS level, the book is formatted to cover the entire basic science curriculum with sufficiently clear and concise explanations.

The book is 294 pages long, divided into 15 chapters to cover all aspects of orthopaedic basic sciences. These include:

Anatomy and surgical approaches
Imaging techniques
Bone, bone grafting and fracture healing
Nerve and muscle
Connective tissue
Pharmacology, inflammation and infection
Ligaments and tendons
Biomaterials and tribology
Gait, prosthetics, foot and ankle biomechanics
Orthopaedic pathology
Genetics and growth
Statistics and data interpretation
Hand and wrist
Perioperative problems and theatre design

The extensive index allows easy access to key topics.

The only addition to improve the content would be to have some diagrams and illustrations to further explain and simplify the answers, particularly within the sections of anatomy and biomechanics.

FRCS candidates who read this book found it a massive help, and we strongly recommend it for postgraduates revising for examinations, in particular for preparing for the FRCS part 1.