By: 27 January 2014

A concise guide for postgraduate exams

This booked is published by tfm Publishing Ltd to cover the main areas of clinical orthopaedic practice.

Each chapter uses a simple layout and is divided into small ‘bite-size’ sections forming a key component of a trainee’s preparation for postgraduate exams.
The authors have succeeded in making the topics more understandable, interesting, and very readable, while keeping it up-to-date by citing the most current landmark-related articles alongside the text.

The book is divided into chapters to cover the following areas: arthroplasty, shoulder disorders, sports medicine, spine and nerve injuries, foot and ankle, hand, bone and soft tissue tumours, infections, non-union, inflammatory joint disorders, arthrodesis and amputations, disorders in children, trauma, nerve injuries and neuromuscular disorders, imaging, clinical examination and surgical approaches.

I highly recommend this book as a revision textbook for trainees and senior surgeons of all levels, as well as medical students, nurse practitioners and physiotherapists. Any reader wishing to gain insight into 21st century orthopaedic surgery will find this book of interest and value.  