By: 27 January 2014

 book revThis book was published by Oxford University Press OUP in 2012 and is part of the Oxford Higher Speciality Training OHST series.

The authors are highly respected academics who are among the best in their fields; they based the book on the highly successful clinical revision course run in Oxford.

The book aims to help FRCS candidates to practise structuring answers in the way one is going to be examined. It will be useful to read alone or in small practice groups.

It is set out in a simple format with a starting clinical photograph, radiograph or diagram and a set of questions followed by some suggested answers. This formula aids an approach to answering questions encountered within the exam.

The book comes in 224 pages, and the contents are divided in the exam format:
    Hands and paediatrics
    Basic sciences
    Adult pathology

At the end, there is an appendix with very useful diagrams that candidates get asked to draw in the FRCS exam. I recommend this book as very concise and relevant to the FRCS exam, a fantastic read for the few weeks prior to the exam. 

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