By: 13 March 2014

41mQ8zxYolLThis book is published by Quay Books, and intended to cover the basics of the management of common orthopaedic and musculoskeletal injuries for medical students, junior doctors and paramedical staff.

It has been kept practical and concise of common presentations, injuries and procedures which have been outlined in a simple, easily digested way.
Many of the chapters have been modified from series published in the British Journal of Hospital Medicine.

It comes in 260 pages. The chapters have been drawn up along anatomical lines as follows:

  1. Systematic approach to trauma; outlies principles of trauma care
  2. Regional trauma with information to treat each trauma injury
  3. Practical procedures; commonly encountered in accident and emergency department

This book is meant as a reference guide to be dipped into when required. We recommend it as an excellent reference for those who need to start a new job or course in orthopaedic trauma surgery.