By: 7 May 2014
Xograph awarded Global Distributor of the Year for Mobile C-Arms

Caption: Ziehm Imaging GmbH Global VP of Sales Martin Törnvik with Mike Biro, Nigel Darwell-Stone, Paul Andrews and Neil Staff of Xograph Healthcare together with Ziehm Region Sales Manager Timo Ihamäki, as Xograph receive the Ziehm Global Distributor Award 2013

The world’s leading premium mobile C-Arm provider Ziehm Imaging GmbH have awarded Gloucestershire-based independent medical equipment supplier, Xograph Healthcare, the award for Global Distributor of the Year in 2013.

Ziehm Imaging, both direct and through its distributors, have achieved major government contracts, significant sales and growth in the USA and America’s, expansion in every continent around the globe and coverage in almost every developed country on the planet during 2013.

Ziehm presented the award for most outstanding performance by a distributor in 2013, to Xograph Healthcare, just as Xograph reported an impressive 68% growth in Ziehm C-Arm sales during 2013 following the introduction of Ziehm’s latest models: the Ziehm Solo, New Ziehm Vision and New Vision RFD Mobile C-Arm ranges which have been well received and appreciated by users in both the UK and Ireland.

The independent healthcare technology provider has equipped a number of major hospitals in the UK and Ireland with mobile C-Arms, including the biggest and busiest hospital in Merseyside: The Royal Liverpool University Hospital, part of the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust. This particular hospital received a Ziehm Vision FD setting a trend for flat panel mobile C-Arm purchases, one that is really beginning to pick up pace according to Xograph Healthcare technical director Neil Staff.

“I am very excited by the transition that we are now witnessing from conventional image intensifier-equipped mobile C-Arms to the new generation of flat panel-equipped units; a transition that for the most part has already taken place in fixed fluoroscopy systems, particularly those intended for vascular and interventional procedures. I believe that image quality and accuracy should be the very highest priority during surgical procedures and today this is provided with flat panel imaging technology; I am glad that this view is now being reflected in so many of the new orders we are receiving, particularly those being targeted for trauma, spinal, vascular, cardiac and hybrid room applications.”

The Ziehm Vision RFD range of mobile C-Arms has created quite a buzz in the mobile imaging arena. These powerful new intraoperative and interventional tools incorporate a choice of either a 20x20cm or 30x30cm dynamic flat panel detector for distortion-free imaging, and use a combination of Ziehm Advanced Active Cooling (AAC) technology and Ziehm Adaptive Image Processing (ZAIP) for the sharpest, contrast rich images acquired with unlimited fluoroscopy time even during the most complex and lengthy procedures. The ‘Hybrid Edition’ of the Ziehm RFD now uniquely offers fully motorised C-Arm positioning with motor drive in all four axes with three memorised positions for instant recall and an isocentric mode.

Commenting on the award, Neil Staff, Technical Director at Xograph Healthcare said: “I am naturally delighted to have received this prestigious award from Ziehm Imaging. It reflects both the quality and clinical relevance of the mobile C-Arms being produced by Ziehm Imaging in Germany today and also the hard and effective work put in by our dedicated sales, marketing and technical support teams at Xograph. Together, by listening to users and clinicians needs, we remain very much at the forefront of mobile C-Arm technology supplying products which truly benefit our customers and their patients.”