By: 20 June 2014

Gunnar Knutsen Fire Walk-10The Oswestry 9th International Cartilage Symposium organised by Professor James Richardson and Professor Sally Roberts was a huge success attended by scientists and clinicians from the UK and abroad. The faculty list was impressive with speakers including Professor Phil Stephens of Cardiff University; Professor Chris Hutchison of the University of Durham; Professor Gustavo Moviglia of Maimonides University, Argentina; and Professor Gerjo van Osch of The Netherlands.

There was some excellent feedback from the meeting and the audience felt they had learnt a lot and that the meeting was very informative. The discussion was focused and Professor Richardson felt they managed to bridge disciplines from skin and buccal mucosa healing to the potential of cord cells, among many other topics. Professor Richardson said that it is always good to get scientists, surgeons and others involved together, with health economics also well explained.

On the eve of the symposium, a fundraising firewalk was arranged by Claire Mennan, one of the researchers involved with cartilage repair. Some members of the faculty were brave enough to have a go, including one of the speakers, Gunnar Knutsen, pictured.

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