By: 6 October 2014
Applying For Your Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR)

Entry to the Specialist Register through a CESR (Certificate of Eligibility for the Specialist Register) via the GMC can be a long and complicated process for many doctors. This module, however, offers a full support package to doctors intending to gain entry to the Specialist Register as quickly as possible.

The module follows a simple step-by-step approach, taking the candidate through the whole process, starting from the basics of what is the Specialist Register and how the CESR application process evolved. This is followed by explanation of CCT and non-CCT specialities. It then moves into what the GMC will consider when taking into account each individual application.

The next chapter is about speciality-specific guidance regarding standards required and how to present your validated and authenticated documents of evidence and qualifications.

The final chapters explain in more details the documentary evidence, including logbooks, posts and duties, CPD evidence required, audit and patient safety, communication with patients and colleagues, and how to obtain your references.

The course is easy to go through and self explanatory with links to further resources. It is an essential tool to have that could save you a lot of time and boost your chances of success. The main advantage of this module is that you find everything you need to know about the application for CESR in one place.