By: 6 October 2014
Leeds General Infirmary offers improved scanning experience to young patients with new SPECT•CT system

Children undergoing scans at a Leeds hospital are receiving an enhanced experience as a result of the implementation of new SPECT•CT technology.

Leeds General Infirmary has been able to offer significantly increased image quality and heightened diagnostic capabilities to patients following the introduction of a Symbia T Series SPECT•CT system from Siemens Healthcare. The system is being used by the adjoining Leeds Children’s Hospital for a range of paediatric procedures. Younger patients have found the imaging experience less intimidating due to the system’s light aesthetics and in-built DVD player to put them at ease.

The Symbia T was selected by the hospital in light of its affordability and functionality, following a comprehensive comparative exercise with systems from two other imaging suppliers. With the advanced and highly integrated diagnostic Symbia T Series SPECT•CT expanding the role of nuclear medicine into routine surgical planning, orthopaedics and advanced cardiology, the system is being used for a broad spectrum of nuclear medicine studies, including bone scans, DMSA scans, MIBG scans, renal procedures, melanoma sentinel node scans and DAT brain scans.