By: 4 November 2015
Preview of hip preservation cadaver course

Preview of hip preservation cadaver course

Keele University is set to host the hip preservation course, taking place 30 November–1 December 2015

There has been great enthusiasm and interest in hip joint preservation techniques in the past few years, with a dearth of comprehensive courses on hip joint preservation surgical techniques. Most courses, including cadaveric courses, have concentrated on hip arthroscopy.

This course aims to bring different techniques of hip joint preservation including open, arthroscopic and minimally invasive. Should the hip fail in the very young, arthroplasty and non-arthroplasty options are going to be discussed. There will be a cadaver workshop on hip arthroscopy, minimally invasive peri-acetabular osteotomy (MIS PAO), other pelvic and femoral osteotomy, surgical dislocation, and MIS Direct Anterior Approach for THR (DAA THR). Knot-less techniques of labral suturing and various intra-articular techniques can be practiced on the cadavers. The case discussion session will be based on difficult cases where decision-making, and management is a controversial issue. The course will endeavour to cover various young adult hip issues such as:

Diagnosis and investigation

Decision-making for osteotomy/arthroscopy/replacement

Chondrolabral lesions

Minimally invasive hip surgery

Nonarthroplasty hip salvage


There are various surgical skills needed to treat or manage young adult hip issues. The distinguished faculty is going to talk on topics such as:

Hip arthroscopy

Minimally invasive peri-acetabular osteotomy

Other triple pelvic and paediatric osteotomies

Intertrochanteric/pertrochanteric osteotomies

Surgical dislocation of the hip

Intracapsular femoral osteotomies

Arthroplasty options in the young adult

Minimally invasive THR

Articulated hip distraction for avascular necrosis

Non arthroplasty option for osteoarthritis


The faculty are all distinguished hip surgeons who deal with hip pathology in all age groups. We have eminent revision hip, hip arthroscopy, paediatric hip and limb reconstruction surgeons who will talk on various aspects of hip pathology and management. Unlike any other course, this will also include non-arthroplasty reconstruction of the hip when there is no option of joint preservation.

The course will endeavour to be interactive as many of the delegates are practising hip surgeons from UK and abroad. This course will be most useful for surgeons dealing with hip pathology in all age groups and therefore will have particular appeal to adult hip and paediatric hip surgeons.


Hip preservation cadaver course/young adult hip/

minimally invasive course

When: 30 November – 1 December 2015

Where: Keele University Surgical Skills Lab, ST5 5BG


T: +44 (0)1302 323489