By: 18 November 2015
Treatment options for chronic Achilles tendon disorders

Treatment options for chronic Achilles tendon disorders

Chronic Achilles tendon disorders are a spectrum of disease resulting from a degenerative condition associated with overuse
of the Achilles tendon.
A Chikate, Yogesh Joshi, Prasad Rao and Asad Syed take a look at some of the options available when treating chronic Achilles tendon disorders

A chronic Achilles tendon disorder is characterised by pain and fusiform swelling along the Achilles tendon within the substance of the tendon or at its insertion. In its severe form it can be incapacitating and sometimes can end an athlete’s career or result in an individual’s loss of independence. Although a common condition, it is a complex and difficult orthopaedic challenge as its pathophysiology is poorly understood. The condition can be either insertional or non-insertional but the microscopic changes essentially are the same. The treatment is largely non-surgical, even though non-surgical management of chronic Achilles tendon disorders has a reported failure rate of 25 per cent. Surgery is reserved for chronic cases not responding to non-operative means. Our understanding of the treatment available keeps evolving and this article serves to highlight some of the treatment options available …

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