By: 28 April 2016
Preview: 17th EFORT Congress 2016, Geneva

Preview: 17th EFORT Congress 2016, Geneva

1–3 June 2016, Geneva

Welcome message from Enric Cáceres, President EFORT 2015–2016, and Alain Farron, President Swiss Orthopaedics 2014–2016

Dear participants,

The executive committee of EFORT and Swiss Orthopaedics would like to invite you to attend the 17th EFORT Congress in Geneva on 1–3 June 2016, which is a combined programme in partnership with Swiss Orthopaedics.

The EFORT Scientific Programme Group, chaired by Professor Thierry Bégué, the Specialist Societies and scientific expert members have created a wide programme covering many topics from basic research to specific areas within daily practice of orthopaedics and trauma. The congress will also focus on a main theme revolving around ‘Maintaining activity through life’.

Our populations are ageing, a by-product of our modern and affluent societies. Bones develop fragility, muscles become sarcopenic, and joints wear out. Joint pain, falls and fragility-related fractures have become the modern plague. Orthogeriatrics has become a buzzword and units are sprouting up throughout Europe. EFORT’s goal is to keep our patients active, mobile and pain-free. All studies agree that keeping elderly patients mobile and active is – economically, socially, medically and ethically – the sound approach.

Come to Geneva and learn about the latest practices and techniques for the care of the ageing musculoskeletal system. Complex problems such as polytrauma in the elderly, biomechanical evaluation of the aged patient, clinical algorithms for spinal fragility fractures and complications of surgical interventions will be discussed in-depth. Leading experts in the field will describe in detail the latest evidence-based techniques in prosthetics, fracture repair and rehabilitation.

Discover how you can make a more significant difference in curbing the increasing burden of musculoskeletal injuries and diseases in this looming ageing epidemic.

Highlights of the congress include topics focusing on clinical judgement in the aging spine; influence of age on reconstruction in bone tumours; how early care achieves lifetime mobility; degenerative foot and ankle; and pitfalls in rotator cuff surgery. As in previous years, the Michael Freeman and Erwin Morscher honorary lectures will be given by renowned orthopaedic surgeons. Swiss Orthopaedics’ plenary lecture – the Maurice Edmond Müller session – will also be included in the programme and will be open to all participants.

The format of the meeting is designed to encourage interaction among participants, with both symposia and instructional lectures being delivered by distinguished speakers from all over Europe. Other sessions include the interactive expert exchanges, complex case discussions and debate forum, as well as several evidence-based medicine sessions.

We look forward to meeting you at the 17th EFORT Congress in the city of Geneva – a cosmopolitan city of humane dimensions in the heart of Europe.

Professor Dr Enric Cáceres, President EFORT 2015–2016

Professor Alain Farron, President Swiss Orthopaedics 2014–2016