By: 26 August 2016
Axial3D launches an online service that allows clinicians to upload patient scans, visualise them in 3D and order 3D-printed models

Axial3D has launched an online ordering service designed to serve the needs of the most time-sensitive clinical teams, including trauma, oncology and transplant teams.

The new service streamlines the ordering process into minutes for surgeons, and facilitates rapid creation of bespoke anatomical models, delivered directly to the workplace within days. Clinical teams working to extremely tight deadlines can now benefit from these patient-specific diagnostic and preoperative planning aids.

According to Daniel Crawford, Axial3D’s CEO, the bespoke medical models offer clinicians a deeper appreciation of their patient’s ailment or injury, beyond what is possible with conventional 2D imaging. “Having access to a patient’s full-scale anatomical model, whether it be a heart or a pelvis, has allowed surgeons to more accurately diagnose and determine treatment for that patient and, in some cases, completely change the expected course of treatment with additional information discovered in the 3D-printed model,” he said.

Axial3D’s online ordering service is accessible for surgeons and patients everywhere. Explaining the ethos behind the online service, Crawford said: “Our mission is to provide services that make healthcare faster and more effective by allowing easy access to patient-specific tools for clinicians. Our models have already shown huge benefits in decreasing patient care time and greatly enhancing diagnostics, saving valuable resources for the healthcare provider. Our online ordering service allows surgeons to order these models easily, anywhere in the world, and still receive their order within days – facilitating emergency care regardless of location.”