By: 19 January 2017
12–15 June 2017 – NSpine 2017; London

From the NSpine hosts:

We are thrilled to announce The NSpine Main Conference 2017. Following on from our 2013 Meeting on the “Thoracolumbar and Lumbopelvic Spine” and our 2015 Meeting on the “Craniocervical to Cervicothoracic Spine”, we are delighted to welcome back the international medical community to attend NSpine 2017, where the entire spine will be the focus of our esteemed series of lectures and workshops. We intend comprehensively covering the entire range of spinal conditions relevant to spine health care professionals.

NSpine 2017 will take place in London, UK on June 12-15 and was developed in collaboration with the European Spine Journal, BioSpine, NASS and EANS.

Whether our delegates are seeking to build an initial foundation of knowledge or rather to acquire greater expertise from expert lectures and case based discussions, NSpine endeavours to create a learning environment where all attendants can meet their objectives.

We look forward to your participation and we hope to see you in London!

About NSpine

The concept of NSpine was formed in 2012 to supplement the established academic congresses with a meeting which has a stronger emphasis on clinical problem solving and technical surgical proficiency. At the same time the vision was to facilitate true multidisciplinary attendance and allow for career long learning through parallel modules of increasing complexity.

In 2013 the first NSpine meeting was launched under the leadership of Bronek Boszczyk and Sherief Elsayed. This first event held in Nottingham under the auspices of the Centre for Spinal Studies and Surgery of Nottingham University Hospitals met with immense enthusiasm. The need for such an event which allowed for tailored learning through parallel sessions and brought together all relevant specialities (even including spinal veterinary surgeons!) involved in the care of patients with spinal conditions under one roof was evident.

The second NSpine event was held in 2015, again in Nottingham, and this time included the new GSpine sessions. These sessions ran in parallel to the clinical sessions with a focus on emerging technologies including additive manufacturing, virtual reality, robotics. These sessions proved resoundingly popular and generated very interesting discussions between clinicians and developers. The strength of the clinical and emerging technology faculty supporting NSpine was outstanding.

At this stage, it became apparent that NSpine was about to outgrow its local setting and scope. The decision was made to move NSpine to London for the 2017 main event to allow for easier access of delegates and faculty for what was becoming an international event.

NSpine has since developed into an independent for profit educational platform. NSpine is available to spine health care professionals internationally who wish to run an educational event tailored to local demand and welcomes enquiries in this regard.

NSpine remains independent of political ties but freely enters alliance with established academic societies to produce valuable educational sessions and events. Most recently NSpine contributed the “Sex and Spine” sessions to the international Spineweek meeting in Singapore and will be hosting a session at the 2017 Biospine meeting in Berlin on additive manufacturing, robotics and Sex & Spine.

While NSpine is structured as for profit organisation, it has a clear mission of being “for profit with a purpose”. Up to 30 per cent of profit has been donated to charitable projects from past meetings and NSpine is now in the process of creating a non-profit branch which will see funds being made available for outreach and charitable projects supported by our faculty.

For more information and to view the programme, visit NSpine