By: 26 January 2017
Smith & Nephew wins Galien Award for PICO Negative  Pressure Wound Therapy innovation

Smith & Nephew has been awarded the 2016 French Galien Award for PICO; the novel single-use negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) system.

The Prix Galien award acknowledges significant advances in pharmaceuticals and medical devices which deliver real improvements to human life. The prize, awarded in the Medical Disability Compensation and Return to Social Life category, rewards Smith & Nephew’s determination to improve the daily lives of patients and professionals with the management of wounds.

Managing Director of Smith & Nephew SAS (France) Bertrand Huillier said: “Receiving the Galien Award is a huge honour and recognition of our contribution to medical research and ability to innovate. It is also a great encouragement to continue our investment to support healthcare professionals in their daily efforts to improve the lives of patients worldwide”

Improving community healthcare and patient outcomes

Managing wounds, whether chronic, acute or post-surgical, has a significant impact to a patients’ quality of life, as well as a financial impact on the health economy [1] . Chronic wounds are often hard to heal, resulting in a cycle of pain, anxiety, frequent home visits and reduced quality of life. However, with the availability of the PICO system in the community, the lives of patients with wounds are significantly improved [i].

A study of 326 community based patients whom received PICO treatment for pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, trauma wounds and dehisced surgical wounds, showed that prior to using PICO wound dressings were being changed four times a week [2]. This fell to two dressing changes a week when using PICO, and to 1.8 times a week, on average, in the four-week follow-up period. Fewer dressing changes resulted in considerable cost savings; the total cost of care using PICO was three times less than the baseline [3].

About PICO

PICO is a novel, canister-free single use system that offers portable, accessible and affordable NPWT, overcoming many of the disadvantages of conventional NPWT devices. PICO’s unique dressing technology not only absorbs and locks exudate but is designed to move exudate away from the wound and aids evaporation of fluid [iv]. The PICO pump maintains negative pressure at – 80mmHg through the wound bed and dressing [iv]. The PICO system can be used up to 7 days depending on levels of exudate, and includes two dressings.



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Picture caption: Left to right: Ms Victorine Carré, President of the Jury of the Galien Award ; Pierre Logé, Health Economics and Market Access Manager, Smith & Nephew SAS ; Chantal Gendrey, Business Unit Director Wounds Management, Smith & Nephew SAS ; Bertrand L’Huillier, President of Smith & Nephew SAS