By: 16 January 2017
Stryker announces multi-year partnership to deliver affordable orthopaedic care in India

Stryker Corporation has announced a multi-year collaboration with Indo UK Institute of Health’s (IUIH) Medicity programme to serve as a preferred partner in the orthopaedic areas of hip, knee and trauma products and services.

The partnership will provide greater access to affordable primary joint replacements and other healthcare services to patients in India.

In addition to a commitment to provide access to its joint replacement and trauma products and technology, Stryker will sponsor a postgraduate training and education centre on the campus of one of IUIH’s medicities and continue to collaborate with research and development through the Global Technology Centre in India.

“We are proud to partner with Indo UK Institute of Health to make quality healthcare more accessible and affordable to the people of India, not only through the broad portfolio of products that we offer but also in our commitment to research and medical education,” said chief executive officer Kevin Lobo.

“The partnership with Stryker is set to redefine the existing paradigms in healthcare industry,” added Ajay Rajan Gupta, managing director and group CEO at IUIH. “With predictable orthopaedic spend, improved cash flow and optimised use of technology resources, the agreement with Stryker will enhance IUIH’s value in healthcare space in years to come.”