By: 24 February 2017
26-28 April 2017, BioSpine 2017, Berlin

BioSpine 2017

6th International Congress on Biotechnologies for Spinal Surgery
April 26 – 28, 2017, Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus, Berlin

Welcome note

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the Board of the European Network for Regenerative Medicine, we are pleased to invite you to Berlin from April 26–28, 2017 to participate in our 6th International Congress on Biotechnologies for Spinal Surgery (BioSpine 6).

Over the 15 years that have elapsed since we started BioSpine in 2002, an entire sector of innovative nano- and biotechnology products has been developed for use in spinal surgery that almost all industrial partners now include in their “Biospine-Products” portfolio. Development and improvement of therapeutic options still needs high quality academic support. In particular, the clinical knowledge from the medical point of view needs a strong and sustained support from Academia and Industry.

BioSpine was founded to serve as a catalyst between physicians and scientists; offering a means of developing a new language that would facilitate interaction.

The advent of Bio-nanomaterials recently available on the market will revolutionize the field of Spinal Surgery. Nanoscaffolds, Growth Factors, Cell Products, Combination Products, Polymer Innovation, and Modified Metal Surfaces requiring various regulations to meet clinical use approval are either in testing or have been approved.

BioSpine was initiated to give insights into technology development, has the aim to impart understanding and acceptance, but also wants to sharpen a critical view. BioSpine has also assumed the important role of providing information to the end consumer that in the same time brings scientists in a common dialogue to strengthen the future industrial research close to the surgeon’s needs.

Spinal science subsists from the lively exchange of information. Join us for this great opportunity, for fruitful conversations, for vigorous discussions and the mutual exchange of knowledge.

We cordially invite you all to attend the BioSpine congress and look forward to meeting you in Berlin in April 2017.

On behalf of the organizing committee and Advisory Board


Hans Jörg Meisel, MD PhD Gianluca Vadala, MD PhD