By: 7 April 2017
BOOK REVIEW  – Oxford Handbook of Rheumatology

Firas Arnaout reviews Oxford Handbook of Rheumatology 

Editors: Alan Hakim, Gavin Clunie & Inam Haq

Format: Flexicover, 688 pages

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 978-0-19-958718-6

Extensively revised and fully updated, this new edition of the Oxford Handbook of Rheumatology provides everything you need to understand a wide range of rheumatic conditions. The handbook is practically structured in a concise and readable text, and includes current national and international recommendations and guidelines for systemic and organ-dependent treatment.

The book focuses first on presenting symptoms, and then considers key diseases, emergencies and rare diseases in more detail, finishing with a comprehensive account of assessment, guidelines and treatment options, including the latest advances in biological therapy. It also includes sections on injections, complementary and alternative medicine in rheumatology and rheumatologic emergencies.

Colour plates and line drawings are present throughout the handbook, along with clear and well-produced tables that should provide good aides-memoire.

This is an indispensible, comprehensive and extremely practical guide and reference tool and would be a valuable companion for everyone dealing with patients with musculoskeletal disease. It provides practical advice, guidance and key clinical facts to help you provide the best care for your patients.