By: 24 May 2017
24–27 October 2017 – DKOU 2017 – The German Congress of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery; Berlin, Germany

DKOU 2017 – Movement is life

Movement if life is the congress motto of the German Congress for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery 2017 . From time immemorial, movement is an elementary prerequisite for our health – from the various processes that take place in every second of our bodies to the movement of the link chains. The loss of mobility leads to functional deficits, the loss of mobility and a serious limitation of the quality of life. It can also be the cause of numerous sequelae. To maintain movement and to restore lost movement is therefore the core task of orthopaedics and accident surgery in various perspectives.

Sport and movement have been an important issue in our society for many years. On the one hand, people are undertaking sports in order to keep fit and have fun on the physical activity; on the other hand, more and more older people want to “keep pace” with the younger generation. Topics such as latitudinal to pointed sports, their potential risks, the treatment of resulting injuries and overload injuries, but also their prevention, are essential contents of the congress for orthopaedics and accident surgery.

Acute and chronic diseases of the joints, from the child to the elderly, lead to a restriction of the joint mobility. The restoration of mobility through conservative treatment, through joint-assisted measures, but also through joint replacement surgery are therefore central themes of modern orthopedics. Accidents cause movement limitations , pain and mobility loss, muscle and soft tissue damage result in functional and circulatory disorders, and multiple injuries with blood loss can lead to a threatening circulatory system. The avoidance of secondary injuries and the careful, but the best possible restoration of the anatomy and function are at the forefront of accident surgery.

Orthopaedics and accident surgery have a broad spectrum of conservative treatment procedures, jointly sustained and reconstructed procedures, including minimally invasive surgical techniques, optimized implants and decades-proven joint replacement therapy.

The numerous facets of the large area of ​​orthopedics and accident surgery are based on the underlying mechanisms, the differentiated diagnostics and therapy as well as the prevention and rehabilitation topics of the DKOU 2017. The participation of the host country USA will surely expand our knowledge in the ever-expanding congress.

In addition to the specialist topics, current topics from the areas of the clinic and the branch office, the training regulations, the economics, the employment policy, as well as the working conditions in our large subject will be given the necessary space. The numerous societies, sections or working groups should also be given the opportunity to present their achievements and are invited to inter-collegial exchange.

They are all kindly invited to actively participate through your participation in the congress. We would like to draw your attention to the German Congress for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery in Berlin in 2017 and look forward to discussing with you the fascinating possibilities of orthopedics and accident surgery to maintain the movement .


24–27 October 2017

DKOU 2017 – The German Congress of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery

Venue: Berlin, Germany