By: 6 June 2017
Opportunities and challenges in the medical materials and design space


Lucideon hosted its third industry and academia networking event on 26 January 2017

This year’s event focused on opportunities and challenges in the medical materials and design space. With over 60 years of experience in materials development, Lucideon understands the significance of materials selection in the design phase and its impact on the performance of medical products. In light of this, an event to bring industry and academia together to explore and discuss medical materials and learn about developments in this area was put together. The event was held at the Cambridge Science Park and delegates were invited to enjoy lunch, talks and the opportunity to network.

The event welcomed a variety of attendees from different backgrounds in the medical space, including representatives from medical device manufacturers around the UK, consultants and design firms and of course, academic scientists and engineers.

After lunch and a spot of networking, the delegates gathered to listen to the opening talk from Dr Sarah Egan, product manager for Data Product Solutions at Granta Design Limited. Sarah gave a talk on rapid screening of candidate materials for healthcare applications.

Lucideon’s own Dr Chris Lovell, Polymer Processing Engineer, gave a talk on the ReBioStent project – showcasing an example of collaboration and materials selection and design being brought together to create superior stents for the cardiovascular industry.

Also speaking was Ismael Moreno Gómez, from Cambridge Centre for Medical Materials, University of Cambridge, who presented on recent research looking at understanding the degradation of bioresorbable composites for orthopaedic applications. Ismael talked about the use of computational tools and the benefits, including the ability to assess more variables and the improved timescales.

And finally Dr Gabriela Juarez Martinez, of the Knowledge Transfer Manager, Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) gave an up-to-date overview of UK funding opportunities for health, materials and design via Innovate UK.

Lucideon’s Healthcare Technologies business is based at the Cambridge Science Park. The team is currently working on drug delivery technologies and formulations, including iCRT-deter, its abuse deterrent technology for the pharmaceutical industry.

For more information on the Knowledge Transfer Network, visit KTN