By: 23 August 2017
JRI Orthopaedics launches international centre of orthopaedic excellence

JRI Orthopaedics has worked alongside Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust to establish its first UK Centre of Excellence for joint replacement.

The Hull and East Yorkshire Regional Arthroplasty Centre (HEYRAC) at Castle Hill Hospital will have a key role in clinical research, sharing of best practice and the development of new hip replacement products and surgical techniques.

Chris Shaw, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Medical Director for the Surgery Health Group at Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust said: “The Trust already has a strong reputation for arthroplasty, providing a local and regional service for patients with complex hip and knee conditions, including revision surgery. We have led the way by performing the UK’s first day-case hip and knee replacements last year.

“Around 1,000 hip and knee replacements are carried out by our orthopaedic surgeons in Hull each year, and this kind of surgery really can transform patients’ lives.

“By partnering with JRI Orthopaedics through the new Regional Arthroplasty Centre, we hope to engage our patients in some really pioneering clinical research, attract more trainee surgeons to the region and showcase some of the fantastic work that already goes on here to both national and international audiences.”

HEYRAC is affiliated to the academic department of orthopaedics, with a professorial chair appointed by the University of Hull’s Biomechanics Department. It is set to become a research hub, with JRI Orthopaedics funding a new Fellowship post.

It is already proving a magnet for visiting orthopaedic surgeons from across the UK and around the world to observe procedures, learn about complex and revision case planning and the latest JRI implants and surgical techniques.

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