By: 13 December 2017
18–19 January 2018; Anatomy and surgical exposures in orthopaedics course; Oswestry

The course programme includes demonstrations on cadaveric prosection and anatomy of the upper limb, lower limb and the spine.


The programme is as follows:


8.30am Registration

UPPER LIMB SESSION: Shoulder / Brachial Plexus. Applied anatomy, anterior approach to the shoulder, posterior approach to the shoulder, approaches for brachial plexus injuries. Arm: Applied anatomy, anterior approach to the humerus, posterior approach to the hemerus, approaches to the distal humerus Elbow: Applied anatomy, approaches to the cubital fossa, approaches to the radial head. Forearm: Applied anatomy, anterior and posterior approach to the radius. Hand: Hand incisions

LOWER LIMB SESSION: Hip and Thigh. Applied anatomy, anterior approach, antero-lateral approach, posterior apporach, medial approach. Tibia and Fibula. Popliteal apprach. Compartment decompression Foot and Ankle. Applied anatomy, anterior approach, lateral approach, postero-medial approach.


THE SPINE: The anterior approach and applied anatomy of the cervical spine. The anatomy of a cervical disolocation and cord injury. The anatomy of a lumbar disc protrusion and a lumbar disectomy. The anatomy of spinal stenosis and a lumbar decompression. The anatomy of the pedicle and spondylolithesis. The anterior approach to the thoracic spine, thoraco-lumbar junction and the lumbo sacral junction The course is for all levels of orthopaedic trainees. Places are limited to 30 delegates. This is a popular course and early booking is advisable.


For further information and to book your place visit or contact Sian Jones Email or Tel: 01691 404661