By: 7 March 2018
Event summary of ArthrexLive 2018 in Basingstoke


A fantastic mix of UK and international faculty assembled for ArthrexLive in the Ark Conference Centre at the North Hampshire Hospital, Basingstoke, to share their insight and technical proficiency with over 100 surgeon delegates

ArthrexLive Knee, 2018

Wednesday 17 January 2018 saw Mr Mike Risebury, Mr Sam Yasen and Prof Adrian Wilson represent the local faculty as convenors for the day, which began with a superb live surgery case from Mike Risebury completing an All Inside ACL reconstruction. The All-Inside ACL utilises innovative FlipCutter drill pins to create sockets rather than full tunnels, thus reducing post-operative pain for the patient. Mr Risebury demonstrated the technique with great technical skill and added wit during his narration of the steps he undertook. The delegates were also fortunate to see some of the UK’s finest surgeons take to the stage as Mr Rob Gilbert (Wrightington) guided his peers through a cadaveric demonstration of a Meniscal Root and Ramp repair and Mr Pete Thompson (Coventry & Warwick) shared his experience while demonstrating the All Inside PCL technique.

Complementing our local faculty were international guests Dr Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet (Lyon, France) who demonstrated his expertise with a SAMBBA ACL and gave a tour through the ALL, and Dr Karl Eriksson (Stockholm, Sweden) who completed our surgical faculty with his presentation on Patella Femoral management and demonstration of his novel MPFL technique.

By the end of the day delegates were more informed on both the theory and practice of state-of-the-art and emerging sport medicine surgical techniques that will allow the development of their practice in future. For more information, visit or follow Arthrex UK on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

ArthrexLive Foot & Ankle, 2018

Thursday 18 January marked the inaugural 2018 ArthrexLive Foot & Ankle course hosted by Mr Bob Elliot (North Hampshire Hospital) and Mr James Calder (Fortius Clinic) at the Ark Conference Centre in Hampshire. Over fifty delegates from across the country made the journey to Basingstoke, where a coveted national and international faculty shared many of their ideas and their surgical philosophy. Bob Elliot and James Calder let the cameras into the operating theatre for a live surgical demonstration of the Achilles Speedbridge technique. The SpeedBridge technique is a knotless bridging construct utilising SwiveLock anchors and FiberTape suture. The technique was expertly demonstrated along with some light-hearted humour.

Three further cadaveric demonstrations (Plantar Plate repair, InternalBrace lateral ankle and Deltoid ligament InternalBrace) were all presented in 4k from the Arthrex Mobile Surgical Skills Lab. It was a pleasure to welcome Dr Thomas Bauer from France to share his insight into the Arthrobrostom and to demonstrate the Lateral ankle InternalBrace technique alongside James Calder. In addition, a comprehensive range of topics were covered throughout the day from plating to imaging, and the use of Biologics within the surgeons’ armoury, which all led to engaging discussions and new ideas moving forward.

Further ArthrexLive courses are planned as part of the extensive Arthrex UK medical education programme, so please speak with your Arthrex representative, or follow Arthrex UK on social media outlets to keep up to date with course news.