By: 14 May 2018
Book review: Articular Cartilage

Author: Kyriacos A Athanasiou, Eric M Darling, Jerry C Hu, Grayson D DuRaine and A Hari Reddi

Publisher: CRC Press; 2nd edition (20 December 2016)

This book covers the latest research and advancements related to articular cartilage in biology, development, pathology, clinical applications and tissue engineering.

The authors are all world-class experts in the field of articular cartilage and cartilage engineering. They take an interdisciplinary approach that encompasses the breadth and depth of basic science, bioengineering, translational science and detailed methological approaches. It is designed to be an all-encompassing encyclopaedia of articular cartilage.

The book includes an overview of the biomechanical function and properties of cartilage, as well as the structure-function relationships. It also examines the development of cartilage from cells to tissue with a detailed overview of signalling. In addition, it gives details of several culture methods, such as the use of 3D culture systems commonly used for cartilage tissue. With a chapter that provides an important snapshot of the ever-changing landscape of regulatory affairs and commercialisation of new products.

Other contents include: Structure and Function of Cartilage; Articular Cartilage Development; Articular Cartilage Pathology and Therapies; Perspectives on the Translational Aspects of Articular Cartilage Biology and Experimental Protocols.

By revealing the wealth of knowledge the authors have accumulated in this area, as well as exposing the tremendous opportunities for advancement, Articular Cartilage provides an important contribution to the literature on this tissue and a critical template for those seeking to study one of the most complex tissues of the human body. Only through this level of understanding will we eventually be able to develop new methods to diagnose, prevent, or treat diseases of articular cartilage.


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