By: 20 June 2018
12 October 2018, Trauma and the shoulder joint; London

Message from the organisers:

Dear colleagues,

The first GECO UK Course will take place on 12 October, 2018, in London. Dan Rossouw and the Venus Group are pleased to welcome delegates to work on a subject useful for young and confirmed upper limb surgeons.

Trauma in the shoulder joint occurs very frequently and because of the short duration of the meeting we decided to focus on fracture of the shoulder joint. The main focus will be on acute fractures of the upper extremity of the humerus. In the morning we will speak about fresh fractures, conservative treatment and arthroplasties and the afternoon will be devoted to the sequellae. We often don’t have the same way to treat on each side of the channel. For example English surgeons use quite systematically plates for osteosynthesis, while French colleagues use more screwed nails. Another problem is that, following very good results, indications for reverse shoulder arthroplasties in fresh trauma are increasing. It seems to be of interest to try to answer to this question: is there still a place for hemi arthroplasty in the treatment of fractures of the upper humeral extremity?

Throughout the day we will include time for discussion, debates and a lot of clinical cases. At the end of the day there will be a special session to discuss about clinical cases and X-rays from the audience. Please bring cases. No doubt this great day of exchanges will be useful to anyone in our daily practice.

Best regards

Dan Rossouw and Denis Katz

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