By: 13 July 2018
15 October 2018, Uncemented Hip Conference; London

Cemented stems and cups have seen a resurgence in many countries due to their perceived better value over uncemented components. So, where does this leave cementless hip replacements? Are they only for younger patients?

Uncemented hip replacements deliver relatively superior survival rates over time. Are early fractures, sometimes seen with these prostheses, the issue and can these be reduced to ensure that cumulative long-term results surpass those of cemented hips? Can implant design or surgical approach improve outcomes? Can the coatings be improved to help prevent infection?

Through a mixture of didactic lectures from a faculty of key experts from the UK and abroad, interactive debates and specialised break-out groups, we invite you to join us at the Royal College of Physicians in October and participate in exploring these and other issues, culminating in a Conference agreement of aims.


15 October 2018
Uncemented Hip Conference
Venue: Royal College of Physicians, London
T: 01476 860759