By: 19 December 2018
21-23 March 2019, 5th International Congress of  Foot & Ankle Minimally Invasive Surgery; Marrakesh

Welcome note:

Dear colleagues, 

Since 2002, our group has been contributing to the development of minimally invasive foot and ankle surgery. This will be the fifth congress organized by GRECMIP. Whether in percutaneous foot surgery or in ankle arthroscopy, our state of mind remains the same: innovating, evaluating and sharing.

Innovating while keeping a critical mind on our techniques; assessing our continued with anatomic studies applied to our minimally invasive surgery, under the direction of Miquel Dalmau, heir of Pau Golanó. Evaluating through the growing number of publications is highlighting the energy of our members, thus providing the necessary scientific value to any surgical technique. Our goal is to share so as to perfom the surgery of tomorrow altogether.

Dr. Samir Karrakchou and Professor Farid Ismaël accepted to co-organize this forthcoming congress. Their interest in minimally invasive surgery is as deep as their friendliness. I have no doubt they will offer us a warm welcome. Thank you Samir! Thank you Farid!

The scientific program has never been so wide including roundtable discussions, symposia or lectures, allowing us to talk about basic techniques and also review the use of ultrasound or cellular therapies. Hence the innovations of these last years will be put forward.

We do hope to meet you all in Marrakech from 21 to 23 March 2019 to share and discuss this fascinating surgery.

The Marrakech 2019 congress will be the synthesis of more than 15 years of work.

On behalf of the board, G. Cordier, MD, President of GRECMIP.

21-23 March 2019
5th International Congress of 
Foot & Ankle Minimally Invasive Surgery
Venue: Marrakesh
T: +33 671 338152